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Monday, May 10, 2010

{ Spectacles - T365 #31 }

I am not blessed with good vision, in fact my eyesight is pretty terrible. Generally I wear contacts 100% of the time, I wear the Night & Day disposable style that allows for up to 30 days of continuous wear and I love them. I hate everything about having to wear glasses and haven't taken mine out of the case in well over a year, until yesterday. I have an eye infection and had to resort to wearing my glasses, I wore them all day yesterday and today and will probably continue for a few days. It's funny because when I do wear my glasses I get comments from people that have known me for years saying they didn't know I wore glasses. I've debated many times about having laser surgery done but the bottom line is that I'm a big chicken, I'm scared to death at the thought of having unnecessary surgery. It wasn't easy trying to take a picture of something that I couldn't see, that's for sure!

Eyeglasses: Clearing things up since the first century...

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