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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

{ Jigsaw Puzzle - T365 #33 }

I love putting together jigsaw puzzles and have since I was a little girl, I will forever cherish the countless hours I spent in the basement doing a puzzle with my dad and siblings or the days we spent over my late grandmothers doing puzzles (she was always working on a puzzle). This past Sunday we had our families over to celebrate Mother's Day and instead of playing games like we normally do when we are all together I suggested making a puzzle. Unlike the days growing up where we couldn't go to bed until the puzzle was complete our guests had to leave it incomplete as everyone had to get home for work or school the following morning. Although I didn't get to finish this puzzle with my dad, I finished it with Jim and he let me put the last piece in. If anyone else is a fan of puzzles AND football this is a great one to put together that features fun NFL and Superbowl items.

Springbok "Fantasy Football" 1000 pieces


  1. That puzzle is cute! I love the old style look! Sounds like you had fun!

  2. We love puzzles in our home, we usually bring them out after Thanksgiving and we work on puzzles all winter long ! Great thing for the kids to get involved in over Christmas Break !!! We are huge Football fans ! Great puzzle :)