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Monday, November 15, 2010

{ Happy Birthday to Me }

My 31st birthday was this past Saturday November 13th, it's always so nice when your birthday falls on a weekend, don't you agree? Not to mention that we had a beautiful day here in Michigan, which is rare on my birthday! I had made a comment that it's never been this nice on my birthday and Jim corrected me by telling me last years weather was way better, well he's technically right seeing as we spent my 30th birthday last year on vacation in Disney World.

Jim & I started the day off spending quality time together doing some shopping (including Ikea) and afterwards enjoyed a wonderful lunch at The Melting Pot, I swear there is nothing like their dessert. In the evening we celebrated by getting together with friends and family at Dave and Busters, which I chose because it's a fun place for adults and children. I am really blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life and am blessed to have celebrated another year of this beautiful thing we call life.

The only pictures I have to share are a couple that I snapped with my phone while having dessert at Melting Pot, if you've never had their dessert you should make a point to go there soon!

Hmm.. what to have first?

A brownie it is... dipped in Smores chocolate!

Friday, November 12, 2010

{ Game Day }

We've been Detroit Lions season ticket holders for 12 years (prior to our relationship Jim was a season ticket holder for a number of years also), it's something we both love and enjoy doing together. This past Sunday we had two extra tickets to the game so Jim decided to surprise me (or at least try to) and invite my best friend Amy and my little sister Jamie to join us. The Lions ended up losing the game to the Jets in OT, but we still had a blast and here are the pictures to prove it. The first picture here with our mascot Roary was the last picture we took and it was on our way out of the game after the loss, but we are smiling BIG because we've waited 12 years to get a picture with Roary!

Yes, we bought matching shirts at the game

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

{ Trick or Treat }

It has become a fun tradition for us to host a small party on Halloween for our family and friends. This year I dressed up and walked with all the little ones as they went door to door, and although it was cold we had a great time. I'm disappointed that I didn't get pictures of all our guests that stopped by throughout the night, but it was a busy evening in our house!

Sheriff Tamara

Scarecrow, my Mom Punky Brewster, my niece Erin

Lil' Red Riding Hood, my sister Jamie
Wolverine, my nephew Nicholas
Jamie & her Superhero Son
Jamie, Mom, Me
Jim & Audrey (aka Lil' Miss Serious)
The Lions finally have a cheerleader!
My friend Amy & her boys (Jayden & Christian)
The start of ToT'ing ~ Amy with her 3 kids + Nicholas

By the end of the night Audrey insisted on walking herself!