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Friday, May 7, 2010

{ Cupcakes - T365 #28 }

I met up with my girlfriends Amy, Rena & Shelly this evening at the mall for dinner and retail therapy. I stocked up on my Lush Bath Bombs, got a pretty necklace and some make-up at Mac. Before we left the mall we stopped at a cupcake bakery "Just Baked" and I picked up these two cupcakes to bring home, the two flavors are Samoa (hello, a cupcake that taste like my favorite girl scout cookies, yum) and S'more (hello, graham crackers, marshmallows AND chocolate, yum). I'm just really hoping they will taste as good as they look, but I won't know that until tomorrow since it's way too late for dessert!
Yeah, I'm at the gym at 6am for a reason!


  1. Oh I love Mac makeup! Those cupcakes look so good!

  2. Sadly, neither cupcake was as good as it looked.