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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Instagram February Photo a Day (Days #9, #10 & #11)

Day #9, Front Porch - I lovelovelove our front porch! Day #10, Self Portrait - I totally forgot about this picture until I had taken my make-up off, thank gosh for Instragram's filters! lol.
Day #11, Makes Me Happy - He ALWAYS makes me happy but even more so when he is off on Saturday and will spend hours cleaning our house! I have never had to clean our stainless steel appliances in over 7 years and I hope to never have to!

Instagram February Photo a Day (Days #6, #7 & #8)

Day #6, Dinner - I was feeling lazy and uninspired so I just threw together some chicken and spinach and opened a can of corn, it was good, easy-peasy and served it's purpose!

Day #7, Buttons - Call me spoiled but I LOVE my heated steering wheel in my Cadillac!

Day #8, Sun - I was pretty sure "sun"glasses were about the only sun I'd see that day!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Instagram February Photo a Day (Days #4 & #5)

Day #4, A Stranger - Jim & I were out running errands and while we were getting our car cleaned (exterior and interior) we walked next door to Louie's and got pizza slices for lunch.
Day #5, 10am - I spent the morning lounging in my pajamas scrolling through Pinterest on the iPad. We had a surprise party for my sisters 40th birthday last night so this morning was a little rough seeing as that by 10am we had only been home 6 hours and I spent 7 hours on the dance floor in my heels last night! I feel like I've been ran over by a truck!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Instagram February Photo a Day Challenge

I'm back ... again. I always have the best of intentions for this little blog of mine but I am horrible at keeping it updated, believe me I know this for a FACT.

I have decided to join the Instagram February Photo a Day Challenge. I figure it like this, I am ALWAYS close to my phone and I love Instagram so I'm going to give it a shot. I then decided (today) that I'd post my photos to my blog, I think it will be easy enough to post ONE photo here on a daily basis, right? I just found it too hard to keep up on here with long posts with lots of pictures so I'm hoping this is a way for me to keep the blog around or else I'm just going to go ahead and
delete it like I've thought about doing a million times.

I'll catch you up to day #3 and then from here on out will post one photo per day for the month, we'll shall see if I can make it until the end!

Day #1, My View - I had a day off work and enjoyed being home during the day.
Day #2, Words - I love seeing this statement.
Day #3, Hands - The hands of my gorgeous Michael Kors watch (Christmas gift from the hubs)