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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

{ Pizza Tuesday - T365 #39 }

On Tuesdays I tend to look forward to dinner all day because it's "Pizza Tuesday"! I could eat pizza daily and not ever get sick of it but Jim couldn't, so our compromise is once a week and it happens to be a tradition for it to be on Tuesday. I know some would think I'm crazy but I prefer plain cheese pizza so I pick off my pepperoni and give them to Jim since he likes extra. The next best thing are the leftovers that I get to take for lunch tomorrow!


  1. This sounds like us... Kel picks everything off and loves cheese, I like whatever yum!

  2. I'm a huge pizza fan too!! One of our weekly traditions is Five Guys Burgers on Thursday. By then, neither of us feel like cooking and its yummy and quick.

  3. Wow, looks good:) We are big pizza fans here too ! Zio's Pizza is our favorite !

  4. Mmmm, cheese pizza is my fav too. Have you ever tried Boston's?