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Saturday, May 1, 2010

{ Onion Volcano - T365 #22 }

Phew, I'm glad to be home in my pajamas writing this entry after the busy and long day I had today. It started with working this morning, then we spent the afternoon at our friends house celebrating their daughters first birthday, and finally we met up with another couple for dinner. We went to Osaka Japanese Steakhouse, which is probably Jim's favorite place to have dinner, except I don't love it so generally we don't go unless we go with a group of friends. We had a really nice time, there really is nothing like spending time with good friends and having good conversation. I forgot my good camera at home today (bummer), but here is a quick picture I snapped with my P&S while at Osaka.

Flaming Onion Volcano

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  1. Cool photo! Japanese steakhouses are the best!