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Saturday, December 25, 2010

{ Believe }

Here is the rest of my Christmas decor posts, I did realize I forgot to photograph a few things but no biggie, you get the idea and can see that I go overboard! This is sort of off topic but we are currently in the market for a mirror to go above our fireplace (maybe Santa will have brought me this one), I just think our mantel would have looked so much better with a gorgeous mirror hanging above it.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

{ North Pole Village }

My second Christmas decor post is about my village, I collect and love the Department 56 North Pole Series. My obsession with this started because of my husband (then boyfriend), for our first Christmas together (in '98) he bought me my first piece and ever since then I've been hooked! I have over 40 of the houses/buildings and too many accessories to count, and until our basement is finished and I can decorate down there I don't have room for them all. I display them under our tree, and in our foyer and great room mostly, but have a few random pieces that I prefer to showcase alone as you will see in the pictures. As I was editing this post I realized I didn't take any pictures of the houses under the tree and honestly I am too lazy to start over!

{ O Christmas Tree }

I admit that I am one of those people who upon taking down the Halloween decorations immediately starts decorating for Christmas, I can't help it, I get too excited to wait! Our Christmas tree brings so much peace and joy into our home during the holidays, it's pains me to take it down when all is said and done. I love each and every ornament on this tree for a different reason, but of course I couldn't photograph all of them so here are some highlights. I do have 3 other mini trees that I decorate with extra special ornaments that I will post pictures of throughout the week, along with all the other decor, there is just so much!