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Thursday, March 31, 2011

{ Shellac, Day 15 }

My Shellac manicure gets a thumbs up from me! This picture was just taken, 15 days after application and the polish is still perfect. My nails survived our vacation, which included lots of time in the water and also being back to work for almost a week, which means a lot of typing!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

{ Shellac Mani }

Have you heard of and/or tried a Shellac manicure? I recently had this type of mani come into my radar and knew I had to try it asap, a no chip 14 day manicure would be one of the best inventions ever in my book! Luckily for me, I have a family member that does nails and who is offering this service out of her home for a bit cheaper than the salons, since they are more costly than a standard manicure. I decided the perfect time to try it out would be right before we leave for our cruise, I would LOVE polish that lasted the entire vacation. I swear, last year we left Michigan on Thursday and by the time we boarded the ship on Saturday I was taking off my polish because it was already all messed up.

I am amazed at how shiny and smooth the polish looks once it's applied, even when I got home and showed Jim his first response was "wow, they are shiny". I loved that there was no dry time, it was awesome to be able to be done with the polish in one second and the next second not have to worry about smudges. I've read nothing but great things about the Shellac manicure and have heard all positive reviews, so I am hopeful that I will also have a positive experience. I generally cannot go 3 days without my polish looking terrible, so I will be thrilled if it lasts 7+ days without chipping, and I'm also told the shine doesn't go away, so *fingers crossed* that I have a good experience.

As I mentioned earlier we are going on a cruise, we depart from Miami on Saturday and will stop at Half Moon Cay Bahamas, St. Thomas, San Juan and Grand Turk. I'm really excited to get away from reality and live the life of luxury for the next 10 days, we leave home later today.

Shellac, 10 hours after application