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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

{ Painting - T365 #32 }

In conversation with Jim last night I mentioned I wanted him to paint the upstairs hallway so I could print and frame some of my tulip pictures (see previous blog post). Well, he listened and started painting as soon as he got home from work today in hopes to have it done before I got home a little while later. I was glad to "catch" him in the act because I got this photo just as he was finishing up. I'm looking at the finished product now and it looks wonderful, we painted the main floor and foyer this color a couple months ago and knew we wanted to extend it to the upstairs hallway.

Sand Trap by Sherwin Williams


  1. I really like that paint color!

  2. My hallway is painted almost this exact same color!!! Love it!

  3. Those are some gorgeous tulip pics, I can see why you'd want to hang them up!