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Sunday, May 9, 2010

{ Chocolate Chip Brownies - T365 #30 }

We had our families (well, some of them) over to celebrate Mother's Day today, it was a nice day. I did some preparing this morning and of course had to make one of our favorites - Chocolate Chip Brownies, yum! I got this recipe off of a blog over a year ago and have made it for every celebration we've had since, it's a fan favorite for sure. Of course I took the picture of it in my favorite state, uncooked and raw! To make this all you need are three things - your favorite brownie recipe, your favorite chocolate chip recipe and your favorite chocolate/fudge frosting. You follow the directions and basically as you can see in the picture pour the brownie mix into an appropriate pan and scoop the chocolate chip cookie dough into it with no rhyme or reason, it does not have to be perfect, then bake as directed and frost. Believe me, you will NOT be disappointed! (Psss, you can make these with Betty Crocker boxed brownie and cookie mix and they will be just as good).


  1. Yum! I'll have to try those. They look really yummy!

  2. I will be making these for sure - thanks for the yummy recipe and picture!