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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

{ Teacup - T365 #19 }

I have wanted to display some teacups in my kitchen for quite some time now, but I had two problems, I didn't have any and don't know where I'd actually put them in the kitchen. However, the other day I was driving and was stopped at a red light and happened to look over and notice a thrift store and thought I should go in and see if they had any teacups for sale and this is what I found. I love it, I love that it has a hummingbird on it and that it has some orange in it because my kitchen is a burnt orange color, it just goes perfectly.

For $3 I'm pretty sure I got a great deal...


  1. that is really beautiful! did you figure out how to display it in your kitchen? by the way I found your blog through the D&R board on the nest...

  2. @Kelly, I currently have it displayed on a beautiful cake plate/stand, but I want to find something to hang it up, maybe something that holds 4 teacups/saucers, I'm looking!

  3. That would be cute! I always try to find ideas by googling too, maybe type in teacup displays or something like that, good luck! I really love your photo's and I'm enjoying your blog!