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Thursday, April 29, 2010

{ S is for Snail & Support - T365 #20 }

I am always happy to support a family member or friend when they are raising money for a good cause that is important to them. I received an email with a flyer full of pictures of these beautiful hand-painted brick pavers that were being sold to support the American Cancer Society, and of course I couldn't pass up the chance to purchase a couple for myself. The hardest part was choosing which ones I wanted out of the many designs but I finally did decide on the snail and a Halloween one of Frankenstein. However, of course after I got them home and promptly put the snail on my front porch I realized that I *had to have* more, because I just loved them. I ended up getting three more, a dragonfly (for the back patio), a snowman and then Uncle Sam that reads "God Bless America", oh gosh they are just too cute for words!


  1. omg! I loveeeee this! Sooooo cute!!!

  2. That is adorable!! Okay I have to see pictures of the others!
    Who is selling these? Are they still selling them?
    Love it!

  3. @Lisa, I have a phone call in to see if there are any left. I have a picture of the flyer on FB, I posted it when I first rec'd the email about them because I wanted to see if anyone else was interested in purchasing one.

  4. That is so sweet of you to support your family and friends!!