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Monday, April 18, 2011

{ Easter & Pottery Barn Mirror }

I wanted to get pictures of my Easter decor and crafts this past weekend but have been sick with bronchitis and pneumonia for the last 8 days! I'm still pretty down and out but before Easter was over I wanted to at least put a picture of my mantel on the blog. This is also the first time you'll be seeing our new amazing Pottery Barn Eagan Multipanel Mirror, I lusted over this piece for months and months before I decided to bite the bullet and pay the outrageous price that PB was asking, and I tell you what, I don't regret it one bit, this is an amazing addition to our home.


  1. LOVE your Easter decor :) And that mirror is awesome !!!! I don't blame you one bit for getting it !!!

  2. That mirror is gorgeous (and your decorations are adorable).

  3. That mirror is so great!! I love it! Hope you start feeling 100% soon!

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  5. Now I have an idea for this coming Lenten season next year. Thank you. :)