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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

{ Trick or Treat }

It has become a fun tradition for us to host a small party on Halloween for our family and friends. This year I dressed up and walked with all the little ones as they went door to door, and although it was cold we had a great time. I'm disappointed that I didn't get pictures of all our guests that stopped by throughout the night, but it was a busy evening in our house!

Sheriff Tamara

Scarecrow, my Mom Punky Brewster, my niece Erin

Lil' Red Riding Hood, my sister Jamie
Wolverine, my nephew Nicholas
Jamie & her Superhero Son
Jamie, Mom, Me
Jim & Audrey (aka Lil' Miss Serious)
The Lions finally have a cheerleader!
My friend Amy & her boys (Jayden & Christian)
The start of ToT'ing ~ Amy with her 3 kids + Nicholas

By the end of the night Audrey insisted on walking herself!


  1. You guys look great and it looks like you had fun too!

  2. You look cute and everyone looks so adorable! Looks like you had fun :-)

  3. awww looks like you had an amazing halloween! love your sherrif costume and I think it's great that your mom and sis dress up with you:) looks like a fun family...

  4. Great costumes! Looks like you guys had fun!

  5. Cute costume! It looks like it was a lot of fun!